what do we do?

Welcome to the web home of the Arlington County Republican Committee.  We are the committee that serves as the local organizational unit of the Republican Party in Arlington, Virginia. Our platform on local issues can be found here.

 The Arlington County Republican Committee (ACRC) is the official local unit organization of the Republican Party in Arlington County. ACRC nominates Republican candidates for local office and supports Republican candidates for office at all levels of government. 

If you would like to join or email list, please click here, and if you would like to volunteer please email info@arlingtongop.org. We frequently have new members and hope to see you soon. 

• Bylaws: ACRC’s structure and activities are governed by the Arlington County Republican Party Plan, and also by the local unit provisions of RPV’s State Party Plan.

• The Committee: The County Committee, which steers the ACRC’s policy postions, endorsements and sample ballot activity throughout the year, has an authorized size of 180 members, with 126 elected by precinct and the remaining 54 at-large, and a County Chairman also elected at-large. ACRC members and the County Chairman are elected in the spring of even-numbered years, and serve 2-year terms. Committee members pay modest dues ($35 per year) and are expected to attend most meetings. During the 2-year term, new members may be elected by the Committee to fill vacancies.  The ACRC is proud to have the most expansive and inclusive voting membership of the two major parties in Arlington.

• Meetings: The Committee meets regularly, usually on the 4th Wednesday of the month from January through October, with an end-of-the-year dinner in November or December. ACRC meetings are open to the general public. Check our calendar for the upcoming meeting schedule.

• Leadership: ACRC is led by the County Chairman and the party’s Executive Committee, which includes party officers (elected by the County Committee), and representatives of local Republican affiliate groups. The ExCom meets monthly, and develops recommendations for the full County Committee. Check the list of Officers and Executive Committee members (and click here for a list of past Chairmen). 

For more information about ACRC and Republican activities in Arlington, feel free to contact us.