2023 Candidates

Arlington Republicans are proud of our slate of candidates on the November (2023) ballot.

Juan Carlos Fierro, Republican for Arlington County Board

Juan Carlos Fierro is a family man who believes in the American Dream because he’s lived it.

Born in Quito, Ecuador, and raised by his grandparents, Juan Carlos moved to the United States and settled in Northern Virginia to join family in 1982. Like many immigrants from Central and South America, Juan Carlos is a devout Catholic who believes in living out his faith.

He graduated from Bishop Ireton High School in 1985 and played Division I basketball while earning his bachelor’s degree from George Mason University.

Juan Carlos moved to Arlington shortly after graduation and entered the field of international business, first at Inter-American Investment Corporation then at the International Finance Corporation part of the World Bank. His professional travels have taken him to Central and South America, Europe, China, and the United Arab Emirates. Juan Carlos understands the role Northern Virginia plays in the American and global economies.

In the late 1990s, Juan Carlos shifted his professional focus to the financial industry, working for top firms to manage short- and long-term investment goals for clients. As an analytical thinker and pragmatic problem-solver, Juan Carlos saw through complex details to craft practical solutions for his clients.

In 2000, Juan Carlos decided to become an American citizen, having seen the benefits and opportunities afforded to immigrants who came to the United States to blaze a new trail for themselves and future generations.

While on a business trip to Spain in 2004, Juan Carlos met Inmaculada, the love of his life, whom he would marry in 2005. They have three daughters – Carolina, Isabel Teresa, and Rebecca – and an adorable Shih Tzu named Olivia.

As a father living in Arlington, Juan Carlos has experience with early childhood education and the public and private school system. His daughters attended Ashlawn Elementary School, Swanson Middle School, Saint Agnes Catholic School, and Bishop O’Connell.

Juan Carlos and his wife Inmaculada understand the important role parents play in the raising of their children.

In addition to family responsibilities, Juan Carlos is a Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus at John the Beloved Parish, and he spends much of his time volunteering and working through their charitable efforts.

Juan Carlos is committed to service to his neighbors and community and believes Arlington should reflect the diverse values of the people who live here. Juan Carlos is running for County Board because he is concerned about high taxes and affordability, as well as community safety and the quality of our education system.

David Henshaw, Republican for State Senate (District 40)

David Henshaw is running to represent Arlington and District 40 as a common-sense conservative voice in the Virginia State Senate. He is a political outsider who is reluctantly running in order to preserve and defend the basic freedoms we enjoy as citizens of our great country and the Commonwealth.

David is a husband of 27 years, a father of two daughters who recently graduated from Yorktown High School, and a committed Christian. He served and led for over 24 years as an active-duty officer and pilot in the U.S. Air Force, deploying multiple times in support of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. He led a squadron of 242 personnel in 24/7 combat flight operations and retired as a Colonel in 2020.

David is now a pilot for a major airline and a part-time defense contractor.

David is passionate about preserving our freedom and conservative values, starting with protecting our children from harmful political ideologies and social engineering in the classroom. He believes that schools are places of education, not indoctrination. He supports parental rights and believes that men should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports or use women’s facilities. David is also concerned about increasing crime in Arlington over the past several years and is committed to ensuring our community remains a safe place to raise a family.

Life & Family:

David was born and raised near Fresno, California, where he was active in sports and helped out with his family’s small farm and car wash business. He graduated as Valedictorian from Fowler High School in 1992 and was a standout on the football and basketball teams.

A Distinguished Graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1996, David earned a degree in Physics and a minor in Japanese. He played on the basketball team his first year before flying gliders as an instructor pilot over his remaining three years. David also later earned a Master of Science in National Resource Strategy and a Master of Aeronautical Science in Aviation Aerospace Operations.

David met his wife Kristi while home from the Air Force Academy and they married shortly after his graduation. She followed him with moves to eight different assignments over his 24-year career before they settled in Arlington for a second time and his final assignment at the Pentagon.

Their 21 and 18-year-old daughters attended parts of elementary, middle, and high school in Arlington and now attend college at Pepperdine University and the University of Virginia, respectively. David and Kristi are active members at the Fairfax Church of Christ.

Sophia Moshaha, Republican for State Senate (District 39)

Sophia Moshaha is a dedicated resident of Virginia, who holds a profound love for her community and a vision for its prosperous future. As a true Alexandrian, Sophia’s roots are deeply intertwined with the area’s history and progress. She was born, raised, and educated in Virginia’s public schools and attended Virginia Commonwealth University, granting her a comprehensive understanding of the state’s development and fostering a strong connection with local communities. 

During her tenure with the Air Force’s Small Business Innovation Program, Sophia gained a deep appreciation for the invaluable contributions made by small and veteran-owned businesses to their communities. Recognizing the pivotal role that small businesses play in driving economic growth, she is dedicated to creating an environment that fosters their success, aids their recovery from the pandemic, and attracts new industries to the area.